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Maternal Mental Health

To find a provider who accepts your insurance, I recommend searching on where you can enter criteria such as location, tele-health, area of specialty, and your insurance coverage.

Elizabeth Salick, PsyD.

"I have a telehealth private practice where I practice as a certified Maternal Mental

Health provider (PMH-C) and Certified Clinical Trauma Provider (CCTP). I work with women becoming mothers who have childhood trauma themselves, as well as women who are parenting while living with chronic health conditions. I utilize CBT and IPT therapies, with an emphasis on personal growth and resilience." 

Veronica (Ronnie) Vehemente, LCSW  

(310) 364-4688

"I'm a psychotherapist who specializes in perinatal & postpartum challenges as well as parenting & mother support groups, while also working with children, adolescents & adults with depression, anxiety, life transitions, trauma & grief."

Gayane Aramyan, LMFT

(818) 427-2008

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