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Postpartum/Night Nurses

These are not personally known to me but each comes highly recommended by personal experience from other physician moms in Los Angeles!

Rita Araki at Professional Newborn Care

Glenda at Blissful Baby Doulas

Carriage House Birth

"Helping you feel at home at every stage of pregnancy. Carriage House Birth’s mission and vision is to help build a world where every stage of the birthing process matters and every birthing person feels seen and heard. A pioneering voice in the birth world and a trusted resource for evidence-based care and community support since 2010, Carriage House Birth offers birth and postpartum doula services, childbirth and newborn care education for families, and an esteemed doula training program. We’re immensely grateful for every family that comes over to our house and chooses CHB as the home for their journey."

Polly Gannon

(661) 299-4059

Talitha Phillips

Brenda Leite

Kimi Goodrich

(310) 749-5964


Soveida Sanchez

(323) 347-5145

Camille Epps

(323) 509-1231

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