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Home Lactation Consultation

Service Description

90-minute home visit with Dr. Wiseman (within West LA service area, please contact me to confirm your location). Your visit will include: Full medical history of mom and baby, pre and post feeding weight, evaluation of latch and transfer, tongue-tie evaluation, pumping setup and technique, triple feeding advising, sleep issues for mom and baby, babywearing, soothing techniques, bottle feeding techniques, and more, as needed for each unique situation. 2 weeks of direct email and text followup with Dr. Wiseman included. $50 with insurance* $350 self-pay initial visit ** $250 self-pay follow-up visit *Cigna, BCBS, Anthem, United, Humana PPO insurances accepted via The Lactation Network, contingent on approval by The Lactation Network. Copay applies within limited service area. Additional travel fee may apply. **Self-pay clients may request a superbill for insurance reimbursement.

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